Be Entrepreneurial

The day we stop thinking and acting like entrepreneurs, we’ll be just another real estate investment manager.

Have Integrity

We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are.

Delight Residents

Our residents are the lifeblood of our business and our most important stakeholder. We strive to meet or exceed their expectations in every property we own.

Innovative Solutions

We question old solutions and, if we have a better idea, we are willing to change. Together, we have the power to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. We do it all the time.

Win Together

We consider our role as investment partners a privilege, and we know it requires constant vigilance and unrelenting commitment.

Play Fair

We strive to approach all relationships with an attempt to understand the others’ needs. Then we work to find ways to create partnerships that are fair and beneficial.

We bring outthe best ineach other.

Great workplaces are bonded, the way iron sharpens iron. Which is why we have created a culture for our team that encourages them, nurtures them, pushes them, cares for them and rewards them.

Exceptional people driving exceptional results.

From the beginning, the principals understood that when employers and employees come together for the betterment of both, sparks fly, creating innovation, improved results, and long-term employees. Searching out like-minded experts, personalities with a similar conservative yet entrepreneurial drive, they began building a team that embodied the same level of professionalism, accountability, and results that the founding partners held. These values help our team to think like owners and investors, not merely asset managers.

Jana Photo together with a man

The culture at Apartment Ventures has developed over time, with a low internal turnover rate helping to create a tight-knit family of workers, each helping to build each other up and pursue results above and beyond the expected. It is a culture that looks within, always seeking to out-perform our own potential, regardless of what external pressures or obstacles are presented. Long-standing connections with colleagues, financial partners, clients and communities are vital to our success as a business, so investing in retaining and growing these connections is a massive part of our culture.

By having a strong culture in place, we don’t just create success for our investors, but we push our team members to new successes as well. From community involvement, to individual recognition, to the encouragement to pursue further education and extracurricular activities, Apartment Ventures knows that having the right work-life balance is a major component of a strong organization. We want our team members to find success in all aspects of their life – a well-rounded, happy employee is an incredible asset.