Emerson Building Front and Side View
Tenant Parking Area

The opportunity.Our approach.

The target markets in California, Arizona and Nevada have strong employment, high renter demand and an under supply of affordable housing. We acquire multifamily communities that enhances returns while creating resident value, that are likely to require capital and management improvements.

Partnership Mentality

We think and act like owners, because we personally invest in each asset we buy. We also structure our fees to be back ended and only paid once results are seen, further ensuring complete alignment of goals. We don’t do well until our investors do well, and through this process we build enduring partnerships based on trust.

Reposition Assets

We have a very detailed and research-based approach to selecting potential acquisitions and along with our focused geographic strategy, have identified under performing properties that we track and target. Part of our value proposition is achieved through renovating and repositioning assets, investing in safety and amenities that stand out in the individual neighborhoods, in order to deliver the best for our residents.

Active Management

Our unique strategy to asset management focuses on tenant satisfaction and services through ‘value add’ upgrades; producing higher rental increases while targeting efficiency of cost. This focus creates a foundation based on tenant satisfaction and service, which in turn creates a better quality of tenant vested in the community, improved retention, lower turnover costs, and greater rent growth. Operating expenses are managed with an eye towards long term viability rather than as a short term profit center.

Financial Restructure

We are experienced at underwriting and structuring sophisticated Multifamily transactions which create advantageous positions for our investors. Using best-in-class debt structures enhances the long term prospects for the cashflow of the asset, while maintaining flexibility to sell and take advantage of shifts in the market. Through a balanced, market-tested combination of conservative debt and complex corporate and tax structures, we provide our investors with maximum returns.

Case Studies

Highly focused.Unparalleled insight.

The profit is in the buy. Through our in-depth understanding of urban ‘renter-by-necessity’ properties and our target markets, we are able to quickly assess value and strategically select assets. We maximize value by treating residents fairly and build cohesive communities that endure.