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Improving investment returns through strategic partnerships.

At AV, we believe that success is built through working with motivated, trusted partners operating with the long-term viability of the property and investment in mind. We exclusively partner with Sutter Investment Advisors (Asset Management) and Fusion Property Management Company to ensure that every investment receives the utmost analysis and planning prior to investment, and expert active management throughout the holding period.


Founded the same year as AV in 1999, Fusion Property Management Company (Fusion) is an a best-in-class property manager that creates value in the investment assets acquired by AV.

With a team of approximately 100 staff featuring Certified Property Managers, Certified Public Accountants, renovation experts and onsite staff, they provide indepth knowledge and expertise, as well as comprehensive reporting that creates unmatched transparency. With a focus on continuing education and constantly seeking out the next evolution of the property management industry, Fusion is at the forefront of leasing and operating multifamily assets.

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Sutter Investment Advisors (“SIA”) is a full-service, wholly owned Asset Management company and assists AV on all acquisitions and dispositions, and regularly performs professional assignments for institutional investors in assessing viability of assets and potential acquisitions. With an experienced roster of research, accounting, and collection and analysis professionals, SIA provides reporting on valuations, operational planning and asset repositioning. As a partner, they allow AV to make the informed decisions on how to maximize every dollar of every investment.