Founded in 1999

Entrepreneurs at heart, John Nunn and Lee Carlson leverage their public REIT executive leadership background and deep market experience to found Apartment Ventures as a vehicle to personally invest in multi-family projects they believe in, starting with the acquisition of Hidden Village, a 108-unit multi-family community in Phoenix, AZ.

2005: Combining Growth And Stability

By 2005, Apartment Ventures acquires over 15 multi-family properties totaling 1,500+ units valued at over $170M and disposes two of their earliest assets at an average IRR of 23.5%. Institutional and family office relationships are key foundations to success along with a proven “value-add” strategy.

2010: Cycle Tested Strategy

With the continued expansion of the portfolio totaling over $400M in total acquisitions and 2,750+ units throughout So. California and Greater Phoenix area, Apartment Ventures reloates its corporate headquaters to the Bixby Knolls section of Long Beach, California for easy access to all property locations. Affiliate company, Fusion Property Management Company continues to be an integral part of the fully integrated real estate platform strategy.

2015: Expansion Of The Partnership

Having made it through the recession with zero losses, defaults and positive IRRs, Apartment Ventures continues to thrive with the acquisition of over 40 assets, approximately 3,800 units valued at $585M and another 21 dispositions with an average 15% IRR.

2020: Addition of Kari Wilfong

Kari Wilfong joins John and Lee as an Apartment Ventures Partner and Chief Operating Officer to continue the expansion of the platform that has successfully completed over 100+ transactions valued at approximately $1.5B, totally 5,200+ total units…adding value through complex debt structures (bank and agency), professional in-house management, sourcing of on and off-market deals is a proven strategy that will continue into the next decade.